Obscure Glass Options

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Obscure glass windows make it difficult for you to see through it either ways, whichever side of the glass you are on. This happens by etching patterns on plain glass that distort light. The patterns add to the aesthetic quotient while providing privacy. You can choose from a large variety of patterns in obscure glass windows.

The one possible disadvantage of obscure glass windows is that they do not let you soak in the view of the outside. The view is as blurred for you as is the view of the inside for a person standing outside. While you get some additional privacy, you do lose out on being able to see what lies outside. So if you want to block the sight only for outsiders and you yourself want to be able to see what’s outside, reflective glass would be better for you than obscure glass.

Pasadena Window Replacement Experts have an incredible variety of designs and variations in obscure glass windows. View our catalogues and choose the design that goes best with your décor.