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We use these Manufacturers for our Pasadena Replacement Windows and Door installations:

  • Milgard
  • PlyGem Windows
  • Jeld-Wen
  • JT Windows
  • Lincoln Windows
  • Anlin Windows
  • International Window Corp.
  • Superior
  • T.M. Cobb
  • Magic Window
  • Tru-Frame
  • Pella Windows

Pasadena Replacement Windows Pros – The Best Choice for Door and Window Replacement in Pasadena

Pasadena Replacement Windows and Doors are the most important accessory of your Pasadena home. Besides serving all their essential functions, they add to the personality of your living space. There is the right door and a right window for every part of your house that brings out the best of function and aesthetic in that particular area.

With all the variations, designs, types and materials available to you, you can go as fancy and creative as you like while selecting doors and windows for your home. And if the wild range of choice confuses you, we the Pasadena Replacement Windows Pros are at your beck and call to guide you with the best of inputs from those who have years of experience in fitting homes.

Replacement Window Styles

Looking into the outside world while safely ensconced in your nest is a therapeutic experience. Getting into the philosophy of things, windows are the very eyes of a house. They are an important feature in all respects.

Window Replacement Service

We replace various kinds of windows like wood windows, fiberglass windows, vinyl windows etc.

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Door Styles

Doors protect, shield, partition, insulate and invite. Moreover, among all the functions a door is expected to perform, lies the need for it to appear great and blend in with whatever architectural theme or décor theme you use.

Door Replacement Service

We replace various kinds of windows like entry doors, patio doors, sliding doors etc.

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What We Do

Casement Windows

Casement windows are the simplest window type that open and close on a hinge. The classic, versatile design lets you make a number of modifications to make your casement windows personalized to your requirements. You can get casement windows with a double panel or a single panel. You could choose from a variety of materials – casement windows could be of plain glass, wood shutter, or a combination of wood and glass among other variations.

A visit to Pasadena Window Replacement Experts can give you a better idea on casement window designs, fixtures and other details about window installation.

Single Hung Windows

A single hung window opens and shuts on a vertically oriented slider. One panel of a single hung window, mostly the top panel, remains fixed and the bottom panel is free to slide. The best feature of single hung windows is their space-efficiency. They are good for even the tiniest corners of the house where you might need some ventilation and natural light. Available again, in many different materials, the window type will allow you a great degree of freedom to choose.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are two-panel vertically sliding windows. Both the panels can move up and down to open and close the window. Since there is free movement for both, the top panel and the bottom panel, they are versatile in operation; you can keep small cracks open of both panels on either side and get a nicely ventilated room with fresh air.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows typically slide on a horizontal slider. They are more or less the same in construction as sliding doors. They are easy to operate and very good options for spaces where you would like to open your windows often to let some fresh air in. Since they are extremely space-effective, you can easily install long rows of sliding windows to enhance your living space.

Besides regular uses, you can also use sliding windows within indoor spaces, for example, a serving window in a galley style kitchen. A nice wooden sliding window with a barn like style would add a rustic appeal here.

Garden Windows

Garden windows protrude outwards thereby giving you a wide window ledge. You can use this ledge for some amazing décor that looks great from inside as well as to a person watching from outside. You can put little colorful pots, herbs, sculptures and other vibrant objects in your garden window to make it stand out.

Besides increasing your décor possibilities, a garden window also enhances your indoor space making it look bigger. Those extra few inches of a protruding window ledge make a big difference to how your room appears. So for small rooms, putting up a garden window is usually a smart space-enhancing idea.

Picture Window

Picture windows are fixed glass windows. They cannot be opened, and are therefore good for spaces that are already well ventilated and do not need an open window for further ventilation. Besides their aesthetic appeal, picture windows are very insulating and help keep your indoors relatively dust-free.

This window type looks best with a classic natural wood frame. You can install plain glass picture windows with wooden frames in just about any space and make it look polished. The window can be as large as you like, or you could even go for the alternative of getting lots of smaller picture windows along the length of a wall.

Pasadena Window Replacement Experts can help you get the perfect picture windows for your house. We use premium quality frames and highly resistant tempered glass on most of our picture window fittings.

Awning Windows

Awning windows look and operate just like awnings – you push them out and up to open them and back in to close them. They are a highly functional and convenient window type for bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Most awning windows are relatively small in size. At Pasadena Window Replacement Experts, we assemble the best awning windows for you and do an impeccable installation for you. Call us to learn more about what materials you could possibly get awning windows in.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are made of bays and bows. They too, just like garden windows, extend outwards thereby creating an illusion of a bigger indoors space. You can use the wide ledge of a bay window to decorate. Decoration on bay windows can comprise of beautiful artsy objects like dolls, kettles, vases, flowers, creepers, pots and herbs. This window type makes your space appear lovely on the inside as well as from the exterior of the house.

Getting a bay window means creating a cozy tea, coffee and reading corner. Call Pasadena Window Replacement Experts to get excellent ideas on bay windows. We will give you unbiased opinions on where, how and in which material you should get bay windows made.

Window Types Based on Material

Wood Windows

Nothing beats the timelessness of natural wood windows. They are warm, they are cozy, they are artistic and they match well with most of your furniture pieces. The wood type can differ by climate; while the light shades of beech wood may look divine in tropical climates, darker wood varieties like mahogany and walnut wood may go perfectly well in a place that gets a long, snowy winter.

At Pasadena Window Replacement Experts, we have different varieties and an endless range of designs available in wood windows. You can reach out to us for unbiased guidance and a guarantee on a most perfect window installation or replacement.

Wood Clad Windows

While wood windows look and feel amazing, they have an undeniable drawback of being high maintenance and relatively less durable than windows made in other materials. You have to invest time and energy annually towards maintaining your wood windows. Fortunately, with the option of wood cladding, you can skip this step and still enjoy the beauty and warmth of wood.
Popular materials for window cladding include iron, steel and aluminum. We normally clad windows only from the outside to protect wood from the elements. From the look of it, clad windows appear just like wooden windows, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are extremely durable and an utter delight when it comes to maintenance – they demand none at all except may be a wash once a year. They are sturdy, insulating and long-lasting – all the qualities you could be seeking in your fittings. Besides, vinyl windows are economical even in terms of initial buying and installation costs.

Vinyl now comes in a few interesting finishes other than the usual white. A very popular one among them is wood finish; so you can get vinyl windows that look like wood from a distance. Visit us, Pasadena Window Replacement Experts, and we will give you some interesting ideas on designs and finishes in vinyl windows you could go for.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum, like vinyl, is a low maintenance and durable metal. Aluminum windows look sleek and polished. They demand absolutely no after-installation care from you. All you need to do to keep them looking fresh is, wash them one time every year with a manufacturer-recommended detergent.

In addition to all these great features, aluminum is very malleable as well, owing to which, you can get aluminum windows in almost any imaginable shape. So if fancy shapes appeal to you, go for aluminum windows in your house. Call Pasadena Window Replacement Experts to install the best quality aluminum windows for you.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass is exceptionally strong and temperature resistant. The initial costs of fiberglass windows are more than those of vinyl windows, but the additional sturdiness you get justifies it. These windows will last you a long time and will not demand much in terms of service and maintenance.

Fiberglass windows are a favorite among many homeowners for another very special reason – they can take multiple layers of paint, so you can get a new color in windows whenever you like. The color range available for fiberglass painting is also huge, so they are a bit hit among art and bohemia enthusiasts.

Visit Pasadena Window Replacement Experts to get a huge choice in fiberglass windows. We guide you throughout the process of selecting and installing windows in your house.

Obscure Glass Windows

Obscure glass has patterns etched on the surface of glass. These windows are especially for those who seek privacy in their indoors. The patterns on obscure glass make it difficult for a person to see through them. Therefore, obscure glass windows are good for indoor areas as well, where you need the sophistication of glass without giving up on the privacy of individual spaces of the house.

Obscure glass blocks a view from either side. So if a person standing outside cannot see you, you too cannot see the view of the outside. Therefore, go for obscure glass windows only in areas where you need natural light but don’t mind giving up on the view of the outside.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors open and shut on a slider. The fact that they slide horizontally, without requiring any space ahead or behind for opening and closing, makes them extremely space-efficient. You can put a sliding door in the narrowest of places. Besides this effectiveness in terms of space, sliding patio doors look very sleek and are perfect for modern architecture. Most people these days prefer plain glass sliding doors, especially the ones opening onto the balconies, in order to make their outdoor spaces an extension of the indoors and enhance natural light in the whole house. You can have a narrow, two-panel sliding door for smaller rooms, and wide four-panel ones for living rooms etc. The four-panel version of sliding doors lets you have a wide opening so you can easily blend two spaces when you open the door.

French Doors

French doors are hinged doors that open in the regular swinging fashion. It is the most traditional and undoubtedly the most versatile door type. Built in the right material, French doors are also the sturdiest in construction. You can install them in any room of the house, and customize them accordingly to match the décor.

French doors can have two panels or a single panel depending on your requirements and preference. You can have a fancy barn door like styling on your French doors, or keep them as minimalist as you like; the choices are virtually unlimited. At Pasadena Window Replacement Experts, we have handpicked designs in French doors for you to choose from. Visit us for a consultation and we will guide you just right towards getting the best for your nest.

Entry Doors

An entry door is the principle entrance to your house. It is the first thing you or anyone else sees when they visit your home. At the same time, it is the thing that shields you and your family from the outside world while you relax in your little haven. A good quality entry door with equally good looks is a worthy investment for your home in all ways.

French doors are the most common entry doors. And for this purpose they should come in a dense and heavy material with an ideal reinforcing. As for the veneer of entry doors, the choices available ensure that there is something to please every palate.

Depending on your home’s architectural style, you can have grand entry doors, minimalistic entry doors or quaint little arched entry doors as well. Just make sure that whatever you choose is durable, robust and resistant to the elements.


Why Choose Us For Your Pasadena Replacement Windows?

We give you not one but four irrefutable reasons to choose us over other doors and windows experts in Pasadena. Read on to find out why our Pasadena Replacement Windows Pros are can become your go-to agency whenever you want a new fitting or an old door or window replaced.

Our Home Owners Say

“We had a double front entry door installed plus a single steel door installed. I highly recommend this company. Very professional, they came to our house to discuss the styles and installation procedures till the end result.”- C. Simmons, Temple City, CA

Call Pasadena Window Replacement Pros for excellent design options and installation guidance for door & windows. We will be happy to help you choose the right Pasadena replacement windows and doors. Feel free to check with the city of pasadena for more info regarding their rules https://ww5.cityofpasadena.net/main/.

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