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How to Choose the Right Siding for your Pasadena Home

Just like with all other things in America, home siding options also spoil you for choice. You can choose from an incredible variety of options. But with so much out there for you to take a pick from, the question of which one would be the best for you becomes inevitable. As experts in installing home siding in Pasadena over the last many decades, we can give you an effective answer to that. Here are the top 7 factors that you must consider before choosing what to cover your exterior walls with.

  1. Insulation – Providing insulation from the heat and cold is the primary function of exterior siding. How much a siding material insulates your home is a function of its R-value, or energy efficiency. A higher R-value indicates greater energy efficiency, which in turn means greater insulation. Getting a home siding with a high R-value would mean more comfortable indoors in extreme weathers and significant savings in electricity bills.
  2. Water resistance – All sidings are water resistant to some extent, but some are much more so than the others. If you live in an area that gets a lot of precipitation annually, you should go for home siding material with exceptional water resisting qualities. This will ensure that your siding lasts long and does not undergo much decay due to moisture.
  3. Aesthetics – Aesthetics are extremely important when it comes to home siding. It determines the appearance of your entire house. Therefore, weigh your options very carefully in terms of how the siding would look on your particular architectural style. You can judge the appearance of a siding based mainly on colors and textures. If you have a classical architecture, brick or stone sidings with their rich textures and earthy colors would be your best bet. For more contemporary homes, vinyl, with all its color choices, would work great. For a classy appearance, go for wood clapboard and cedar shingle siding.
  4. Cost – Siding cost vary on a huge spectrum starting from $5,000 to even more than $50,000. It is easy to get carried away with fancy siding materials but the high costs may not always do justice to your home improvement budget range. Do your research well and you will be able to find something perfectly suited to your home within the budget you have decided.
  5. Durability – Depending on whether you are looking for something cheap for short-term use or whether you want to make a one-time investment in your permanent home, there is a siding that fits right in with your requirements. Some siding materials are known for their durability; others, not so much. For example, vinyl lasts only a few years before it begins to crack; stucco, on the other hand, lasts decades and needs occasional painting jobs every six or seven years.
  6. Environmental Sustainability – The environmental sustainability of a home siding is calculated on two parameters – one, how well it insulates your home and saves energy in the long term; second, what materials it is made of and whether they are biodegradable. If you care about the environment, let your care show through the home fittings you choose. Fiber cement is one of the best materials in this regard, as it is made of wood pulp fibers, clay, cement and sand – all natural and biodegradable materials.

Consider all or most of the factors above to choose for your home the ideal siding it deserves. With all the function and aesthetic appeal home sidings provide, a nicely done installation project can add an incredible amount of value to your house.