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French doors are the simplest, oldest and one of the most versatile door types in the world. A French door can play any role you want it to play – it can be a very plain, sturdy door that serves its function of partitioning and protecting; it can be a majestic entrance that welcomes one in with utmost grandeur.

When you have enough space available, a French door can often be your best choice. For one, it opens out to its complete width, unlike sliding doors, so you can enjoy a wide and unobstructed opening. Second, French doors often last longer – the hinges are sturdier than sliders. All in all, French doors are pretty low maintenance and can take heavy everyday usage.

Adding to the part on the versatility of French doors is the fact that they can have either one or two panels. You can get any of the two styles depending on your space availability and preferences. Double panel French doors look appropriate in settings of vintage architecture and décor, while a single panel French door befits contemporary households very well.

At Pasadena Window Replacement Experts, we have immense experience in installing French doors in homes of all types. We source our doors from the best of manufacturers and get you the best quality for all budget ranges. Moreover, we are always eager to guide you on your door choosing and fitting process.